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About Us


Welcome to our site!  This website is one of several sites owned by Crisis Management Systems Inc. (C.M.S., Inc.) - a Virginia Corporation. We are located in Ruckersville, Virginia. (just north of Charlottesville, VA.), but our company was founded in San Francisco, CA on July 5, 1991 by Julia Moore and Steven Hull.


Unlike other product vendors one might deal with, our background is in disaster management.  We don't like to use a lot of jargon and acronyms.  Our real life examples are not from watching TV sound bites of disasters.  We have been on-scene and in Emergency Operations Centers during drills and actual disasters operations over decades.  We understand the systems and the environment of disasters and other high-stress situations.  Whether you are in a small agency or corporate EOC using converted conference rooms with a limited budget or a high-profile state-of-the-art "Mission Control" style facility, EOCoutfitter.com and CMS, Inc. has many options for you be more effective.


Our Founders have worked at many different levels during emergencies, in both disaster relief agencies and the corporate world.

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